Frequently Asked Questions

Matthew Buys Homes is a professional home buying service that provides cash offers for homes in any condition. We are not real estate agents and do not list houses, but instead purchase them directly from the seller.

The process of selling your home to us is simple and straightforward. First, you contact us with information about your property. Then we will make an offer based on our assessment of the propertys value. If you accept our offer, we can close quickly and provide you with cash for your home.

No! We buy homes in any condition so there is no need to make repairs or clean up before selling it to us.

We can typically close within 721 days depending on the situation. This makes it much faster than listing your home through a real estate agent which can take months or even years in some cases.

No! There are no fees or commissions associated with selling your home through Matthew Buys Homes we pay all closing costs for you!

Yes, we buy homes in any condition whether it needs minor repairs or major renovations we will still consider making an offer on it!

No, there is no minimum or maximum price range for homes that we purchase every situation is different and unique so each one will be evaluated individually based on its own merits and circumstances surrounding it..

No, when selling your home through Matthew Buys Homes you wont have to pay any closing costs as these are paid by us directly to the title company handling the transaction for both parties involved (buyer & seller).

No, unfortunately at this time Matthew Buys Homes does not provide financing options for buyers of our properties but please feel free to reach out if this changes in the future as things can always change over time!.

We serve most areas throughout Ohio

You can expect excellent customer service from working with Matthew Buys Homes! Our team strives hard everyday to ensure that all customers receive top notch customer service throughout entire process from start till finish!